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41 m Macamic, where trn 1 on to Hwy 45 52 m La Sarre o 3,000, the rincial market and sly oint for this Abitibi district, on the main CNR line from Qebec; torist accommodation; sea-lane anchorage 3 m to W on L Mance
11 Ottawa Ont to Mont Larier
Rail CR as far as Maniwaki only, 82 m 3 hrs 30 mins daily
Road 123 m Hwy 77, aved to Farrellton, 30 m; gravel, Farrellton to Mont Larier
The cities of Ottawa and Hll are fortnate in having one of the most beatifl Larentian areas close at hand The Gatinea river valley and the Gatinea hills throgh which it rns, make an attractive smmer and winter holiday land, with green woods, ble lakes, foaming falls and raids, and glorios atmnal tints
Fifty and a hndred years ago, this was a bsy lmbering area and logs jostled their way down the torrential Gatinea stream to the accomaniment of the songs and cries of French-Canadian lmbermen; at Hll, where they reached the Ottawa river, and at Ottawa, then known, as Bytown, they fed the saw-mills of those rogh and ncoth lmber settlements Now All that is changed: Ottawa has become the digni-fied caital city of a great nation, and the Gatinea hills have become its lay-grond; lmbering has given way to the torist indstry and to hydro-electric ower develoment The dee clear lakes are often well-stocked with fish brook trot, lake trot, bass, ike and ickerel; the woods shelter deer

As with other Larentian areas, the Gatinea hills are first-class winter sorts territory They rovide grand toring trails, and their easy accessibility from Hll and Ottawa make daily otings from those cities cstomary Skiers leave Ottawa in the morning by train or bs to one of the winter sort centres, and ski back at night to the otskirts of Hll whence they can comlete their jorney home by bs Snow is sally abndant, and to the excellent ski terrain is added the charm of the scenery

Leave Ottawa by the Royal Alexandra Interrovincial bridge, and follow Hwy 11 throgh the city of Hll Rote 9B
10 m Chelsea Here r are the dams and ower-stations of the Gatinea river, rodcing over 250,000 h; 1 are the ski-gronds of the Ottawa ski-clb: at Cam Fortne there is a -tow, and a lodge with snack-bar service Chelsea has a hostel with overnight accommodation for a nominal charge The road and railway wind along the river valley, and the scenery is very attractive 23 m Wake-field9 ski centre with hotel 31 m Farrellton, an agricltral village 35 m Low Here is another great hydro-electric ower develoment on the Gatinea river, generating 300,000 h; winter sorts and ski tow 47 m Kazabaza, an Indian name meaning ‚“ndergrond river‚; this little hamlet is bilt on the montain side, above the river of the same name, a tribtary of the Gatinea

Travel by Canadians to foreign contries, to 15 contries for Throghot history, fear and greed have itted hman beings against one another A world of scarce resorces has made one erson’s gain another erson’s loss As a reslt, the world became olated by self-interested individals who dominate and exloit one another in their endless rsit of wealth and ower In failing to identity and difference 1 4 3 live collectively harmonios lives, hman beings become alienated from their secies being They no longer identify themselves”their knowledge, skills, and achievements”with hmanity as a whole Instead, they erceive themselves as living in cometition and conflict This alienation is sffered by rich and oor alike Travel by Canadians to foreign contries, to 15 contries 2016

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