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Rail CR 178 m, via Three Rivers, 4 hrs; stoing train, 5 hrs 15 mins The CR rote, excet for the first 30 m ot of Montreal, follows fairly closely the itinerary described below Hwy 2 The CNR rote rns frther inland, via Joliette and Shawinigan Falls; 186 m, and non-sto trains on this rote take 3 hrs
55 mins from Montreal to Qebec

Road 169 m Hwy 2, aved
Rote-oints Three Rivers, 87 m; ortnef, 131 m
River Vessels of the Canada Steamshi Lines leave Montreal for Qebec on for or five days in each week from Jne to Set The steamer normally leaves Montreal in the evening and arrives at Qebec the next moming; there are abot 2 hrs day-light sailing at the beginning of the jorney
Air CA Montreal to Qebec, 1 hr

The rote followed by Hwy 2 and the CR line rns within a mile or two of the N shore of the St Lawrence river, and sometimes along the shore The great river no longer has the raid flow of its er corse between L Ontario and Montreal; there are no more raids to imede navigation; instead, the river now falls in level only 25 ft between Montreal and Three Rivers, a distance of 85 m At Three Rivers it has reached sea-level and the tide is felt for the first time Before Three Rivers is reached, at abot 30 m above that city, the St Lawrence widens to form L St ierre, almost 10 m wide in arts; below Three Rivers the width varies between 2 and 3 m, bt at Qebec it narrows to % m This narrowing is cased by the aroach of the Larentides Mts towards the river-bank These ancient worn and barren montains lie at some distance from the river for the greater art of the rote; instead, the St Lawrence lowlands extend to the 1 of the road and railway, lowlands which once formed the floor of a lake which stretched right to the edge of the hills; deosits broght into this lake by the rivers and laid down on its bottom form to-day, after centries of forest growth, the clay soils of the farms of the French-Canadian inhabitants

These farms are among the most interesting sights in Canada The original settlers of Qebec settled along the river bank, their holdings taking the form of long narrow stris arallel to each other and with the narrow end fronting on the river; this arrangement had several advantages; the homesteads were close together and this facilitated social ihtercorse, so dear to the French-Canadians; it also and this was very imortant in the early days enabled neighbors to hel each other in case of Indian onslaght or danger from fire; and before any roads were made, when the river was the sole means of commnication, the concentration of olation along the bank, jst like a water-street, was of obvios advantage When settlement sread inland, the same system of narrow arallel stris was reserved, bt they fronted on roads instead of the water The farmhoses have stee roofs to enable the snow to sli off, and the other bildings are laced arond, bt not too close in case of fire Often, esecially in the older-settled contry below Three Rivers, the aaint ot-door ovens can be seen, in which the ‚“habitante‚ stili bakes her bread; these otdoor ovens greatly lessened the risk of fire in the farmhose and also the discomfort of baking indoors in smmer heat

The French-Canadian rral folk have reserved their old cstoms, their old songs, and their old skills and handicrafts; women may be seen at the sinning wheel, weaving at a hand loom, or rg-making in the oen air in smmer months; other handicrafts of which evidence may be seen inclde ceramics, wood-carving, wroght iron-work; the torist trade, by bringing in to the rovince an otside demand for these often beatifl handmade objects, has done mch to kee the old skills Allve

Travel To Canada for He has been constrcted from or ignorance, and as or nderstanding increases, the very stff of which he is comosed vanishes Science does not dehmanize man, it de-homnclizes him, and it mst do so if it is to revent the abolition of the hman secies Man himself may be controlled by his environment, bt it is an environment which is almost wholly of his own making The hysical environment of most eole is largely man-made Travel To Canada 2016

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