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When the idea came to spend a year living in Brazil this was the scene I envisioned a perfect moment reading the Sun rise over Rio de Janeiro after a late night with local friends the reality is however when you move to a foreign place with no previous contacts or knowledge of the language it takes time to get to this point the beginning of the journey actually looked a lot more like this alone in a restaurant unfamiliar with your surroundings we’re your only company is loneliness uncertainty hope.

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And ambition you’ve arrived. But you’re not on vacation you’re living in, and how successful you are is entirely based on how uncomfortable you’re willing to be you start out by learning as much as possible the language local customs anything that can help you connect then you get out, and explore develop an understanding of your new home new city new country at first there’s excitement the excitement driven by the physical shell of the place the structures that everyone comes to see however.

It isn’t until you start meeting the people developing authentic relationships that you begin to see the essence of your environment, and truly appreciate each moment of the adventure, and then one day you look up, and realize you understand what people are saying around you, and you can talk back you’ve immersed yourself in your culture, and you can see what it’s like to be from here to me this is what it’s all about you’re leaving your mark on a place. But more importantly that place is leaving its mark on you you big in La Presse you you.

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