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Travel asia for No doubt they attributed his curiosity to a spirit of joyful awe and wonder. Discovering the Messiah’s location. The half-Jewish king requested that the Magi, after inding the Messiah, bring back word to Jerusalem, claiming that he himself wanted to go and worship him. He obviously judged that these foreign magi had no inkling of his true agenda to discover where precisely within Bethlehem the Messiah was located, so that he could assassinate him. Evidently, Herod had a Plan A and a Plan B Plan A was targeted assassination of the messianic baby, and Plan B was mass infanticide in Bethlehem. He clearly preferred the cleaner Plan A, which would entail only a short wait until the gullible Magi returned to his palace with detailed information regarding the precise whereabouts of the messianic child. However, the evil king had an atrocious backup plan that could be implemented if, for any reason, the favored plan failed. Travel asia 2016.

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