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Rd 1 Hwy 44 to St aiilin and St Alexis des Monts in the Larentians
87 m Three Rivers Trois Rivieres o 46,820 The forth largest city of Qebec rovince is bilt on a series of terraces where the St Marice river enters the St Lawrence, and where the great river begins to be tidal Althogh by North American standards it is an ancient city with many historical sites and monments, it is today a bsy ort and indstrial centre its large aer milis make it one of the greatest rodcers of newsrint in the world, and a thosand tons of aer flow daily from its lant its old iron-works, fonded over 200 years ago, has develoed into a modern iron and steel indstry; the cotton manfactring indstry has also come to Three Rivers, and it has long been a shi-bilding and woodworking lace

Arond the city the St Lawrence lowlands broaden into a lain with an area of over 20,000 sq miles, extending on both sides of the river; the growth of Three Rivers was largely bond with its being the regional caital of this lain which now has a olation of over 200,000 eole; to its fnctions as an agricltral market centre for a large and densely settled lain, the lmbering indstry was soon added, and the resence of bog iron in the lowlying marshy land arond gave rise to an iron indstry; to-day the abndant chea hydro-electric ower generated by the swift waters of the St Marice are erhas, along with the excellent harbor facilities, the chief factor in the city‚„s growth

The name arises from the resence of two isds in the moth of the St Lawrence river: the wooded and emty St Qentin isle and otherie isle, home of great aer milis of the Consolidated aer Cor Ltd To one sailing the St Lawrence ast the moth of the St Marice these two isds, by dividing the waters of the tribtary stream into three channels, give the aearance of three rivers; it was this that led the French merchant, ontgrave, as long ago as 1599, to cAll the St Marice the Three Rivers river, or ‚“la riviere de Trois Rivieres

The olation is almost All 95% French Canadian Besides its fnctions as a regional caital and an indstrial and commercial centre, Three Rivers holds an imortant lace in the torist and holiday activities of Qebec rovince Besides its own attractions interesting old bildings dating from and associated with the French regime in Canada, and its good hotels and restarants it is the gateway to the beatifl St Marice valley with its attractions for the fisherman, hntsman, ski-enthsiast, aqatic sorts lover, and the admirer of fine scenery In osition, it is almost mid-way between Montreal and Oebec, and on the main line of the CR

History Althogh there had robably already been a temorary trading ost at the moth of the St Marice river, the first ermanent settlement of Three Rivers dates from 1634, when the Sier de Laviolette, acting nder instrctions from Samel de Chamlain, fonded the resent city A bolder in the Cstoms bilding gronds marks the site of the original fort bilt by Laviolette The settlement grew fast, and many famos names in the exloration of French Canada belong to men who were born here: Groseillers, Raclisson, La Verendrye who exlored as far W as the Saskatchewan river, and many others

indstry came in 1730, when the inhabitants began to se the local iron ore in their fondries to make sch goods as nails, cooking ots, stoves and kettles, for the farmer-settlers in the srronding contry; the iron-works were to the N of the town A cairn at the jnction of Trois Rivieres and Les Vieilles Forges rds marks the site; the works, known as the St Marice Forges, were established by olin de Francheville

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