Hey everyone steven is currently in the shower getting ready for the day. So I thought I will start the post. So Hey I hope you were doing well this is our second last day in Montreal, and it is a little bit overcast this morning I will show you as you can see there is not much blue skies. But we’re gonna go out anyway I told Steven he has to choose over going today.


Because I have been choosing all week what we should see. So I decided he could have a chair chance it, I’m deciding what we should do I really want to go, and get a croissant. Because we’re in such a French area of Montreal moving to Europe. So I feel like I’ve never had like a proper French like pastry before, and I really want to go find a like a cool bakery. So, I’m like Google that, and that can be mine put for the day, and then, I’ll see what else Steven gets up to whatever Steven decides to do. But you know when I actually Google that now, and see if there’s a cool bakery we should check out do you like using the website Urban Spoon when we’re looking up a place that we should go, and like try to eat I was just googling it, and I realized they’ve changed their name to the motto I did not know that previously open spoon. So now is the Zomato wonder why they change the name anyway, I’m now looking for places right, I’m trying to work out how to use it cause it looks different now.

But, I’m trying to look for some places that we could try out that’s in the month see everyone always says to try bagels in Montreal luckily we have. But, I’m trying to say a place we can go to that is a good bakery let me see the motto is recommending piccolo espresso bar, and that sounds good, and the photos of the coffee, and the croissant look really good. So I think we’re gonna go there, and Stephen just came back from his shower oh you’re a blurry wait come here come say Hey yes like one, and I told them you were deciding what we’re doing today. So what are we doing okay. So are we doing it’s a hard I think we’d see most of the stuff. But I’ve got a list of three or four places to do what just to go see like what um there’s like a really nice park that takes up a whole Highland oh cool how do we get there you have to catch train okay. So you get on an island yeah okay let’s go I love this area there’s always something going on cuz I am breathing.

So cool alright we’re gonna go find this island place Jean de croo what you heard me all right I heard the train lady it’s pronounced Georgia oh I think it’s your boat it’s like this giant island, and there’s a park on it. Because when we got off the train there’s like no roads yeah just like walking pathways, and then we came across these gigantic biosphere thing I don’t know what it is what we’re gonna go check it out, and see what it is as we walk up they’ve got these amazing like National Geographic photos. But that’s the durn that’s kind of cool. So when I was walking up to this I thought it was a glass dome. But it’s just metal we’re gonna walk inside to see what it looks like on the inside. But it’s just surround metal dome. But it really reminds me of Epcot Center from Disney World if you guys have been there it looks like it’s an environmental museum well that’s what I can read from my lacking of French I seem to be a museum.

But we just want to walk around just kind of see the nature of the park. So we’re gonna go find out what else is on this little island. But just saying like – Jess if you take away the dome it’s actually a really small building in there, and if the dome like makes it look bigger than it actually is. But um yeah we’re gonna walk around, and see what else is some of these photos are amazing fuck is actually really nice if you guys manage to it’s actually nice like we saw this pop is gonna be horrible this is actually pretty good yeah cool hey. So yeah we’re just going to walk around a bit more, and then just head on back to area train guys one thing we don’t celebrate in Australia is Halloween. But these guys are getting into it what, I’m making like a jack-o’-lantern no one does it in Australia this is the biggest to seize people will like get the kids to dress outfit like no one really decorates the house or anything this is cool hi guys we’re back we’ve kind of burnt out a little bit. So we are having a big song I don’t even want to say that we sent you our plan I know I was to go to a cafe.

But then we’re looking around looking for a cafe, and then I was like see you good I really doesn’t know some snacks, and watch some TV, and he was like what am I supposed to call it that Hulu, and relax miss Angela summer spread off I don’t know wanted to do with our life guys we decided that we have to do nothing like we need time to this chill, and forcing ourselves to do nothing I think I just binge watch the end of wet hot American summer which is funny sorry funny especially if you’ve seen the movie. Because it’s like, and if you have seen the show. But not the movie just put the movie on for the first 15 minutes. But yeah we finished the show, and then Jess was like what are we doing what you know like should I write a post, and well let no we’re doing nothing today the one time we’re doing nothing at all and, I’m like I don’t know what to do, and then the whole time he keeps going on Pizza wrong Pete’s from pizza I find out later. Because I was like fine we’ll get a pizza guys it’s only 16 minutes or like you already looked it up there’s a good also I’ve been trying to find about Charles, I’m like he’s getting like pizza I think we felt like a Domino’s that’s how long 16 min a walks exactly. So then we should run home with the pizza. So it stays hot okay wait, and we’re also downloading now, I’m making him watch the first two posts the first two posts of screen Queens don’t really call this green Queenie’s screen Queens is a new show cuz he got to choose my way to American style we finished that.

So now I get to choose an egg, I’ll show you watch yes hopefully it’s like American Horror Story mangoes you like mingoes I don’t even know what it’s gonna be like, I’m gonna watch it. So I guess we were to get ourselves out of bed now, and go, and find some pizza yes Domino’s Pizza has been ordered it’s time for a pizza it’s pizza body time it’s nice not the other it’s sorry nice, and everything else are you wasting I saying we’re walking through like a restaurant area. So everything smells. So nice yes I was about to say there’s a restaurant no pizza dough look how many emails you have a new inbox it’s a glitch that’s so weird true trillion two trillion billion Wow you should get on to those emails, I’ll see this I am where’s the Apple store no it’s the phone store odd you cannot have it let’s go check quickly that, I’m out today all right let’s go see Stephen, and his iPhones calm down Richa Chadda just walked in, and you did like a funny color thing what is it chance love it. So let’s see the post mmm that was depressing a depression that can can only be fixed with a pizza of a movie in the pump yeah what are they gonna play oh yeah Domino. So it’s really good it’s being way too long all right guys we’re gonna end it here, and we’re just gonna eat some dinner, and watch some shows, and gets me hmm this has been a nice day yeah um tomorrow’s our last day in Montreal, and then on Sunday we’ll be off to Toronto thanks so much reading, and we’ll see you tomorrow bye guys.

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