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Hey Vienna this is my first snowman I think I’ve ever seen we’re actually leaving this country, and we’re going to another one. Because our plan for the next like two weeks is to see poor country. So we just ticked off the first one which was Austria you didn’t miss that, I’ll link the series below jumping on a train, and are we heading south we’re heading south, and we realized oh yeah cuz like on the trains use bring anything you want it’s not like playing. So we got some maggots or breakfast we got some snacks there six hour train ride today why why are you wearing the same jumper as me I realized that we actually brought the same company jumpers for the Train. So we’re looking like those couples that awkwardly match I think we are not even from Canada we’ve been travelling for like a couple hours now, and even though I’ve got my switch full of games, and my phone full of posts to watch I just can’t help.

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But keep looking window Austria’s countryside is so beautiful just come into a train station, and it’s been snowing the entire time. But it’s like really thick snows is really beautiful to have a book guys welcome to the border of our 52nd country we’re just about to cross the border into Sylvania where we’re gonna be starting our new series gonna be spending a few days here that’s so cool it’s like. So simple the lady just came past, and checked our tickets in Geneva have to check any possible it’s so strange in Europe how that happens in Australia just or anywhere else to check your passports everywhere I see them working I don’t know if you guys can see where there’s like a snow blower going on just there trying to clear the train tracks I just woke up from a nap, and then I looked around the carriage, and it’s completely empty you have it to ourselves we’re getting very close sir here in an hour be arriving in you bleed young Giuliana the job Leona you keep saying is Ljubljana the job Rajanna little children enjoying the ride yes it’s so pretty I can’t believe how wide it is I know right snowy day we did bring some snacks to get us through the ride we just ate these these were our amazing this side had the best hummus I’ve ever had an outside had pretzels.

And I’ve never had pretzels dipped in hummus before I totally recommend it it was really good, and now the lunch we are having very exciting stuff here folks tuna pasta salad from spa that seems to be the Austrian grocery store we saw it everywhere we tried like this white boy yes they were okay actually like this better I don’t know if white chocolate, and caramel goes together. But anyway is your lunch did you bring a oh no I didn’t think of Fox, I’m sorry I just realized that they actually have a restaurant yeah on this train, and they give us some folks we can eat the best piece of advice I have for someone trying to succeed in the post industry or any creative space is if you’re doing what everyone else is doing you’re doing it wrong alright guys welcome to Slovenia we have arrived, and I think my favorite thing about train travel is we literally just jumped off the train, and now all we have to do for 10 minutes or we wrap it up. So easy welcome to Slovenia Steve yeah made it to our hotel alright guys we just checked into our hotel we’re staying at the Cuba hotel, and we ended up staying in a junior suite, and the bed is really really cool look at this it’s like a big round bed surrounded by windows, and the room is massive unnecessarily large like. But lovely how nice is this well let’s see what review we have we haven’t had views on the last hotel no oh we do we have a view of the castle whoa.

So yeah Ljubljana is known for its castle which we’re gonna hike up tomorrow. So there’s the castle, and here’s our street what oh my gosh this view is awesome, and then we’ve got a little couch, and then we’ve a TV, and then down here we have our bathroom it’s like a really long skinny bathroom. So it’s a double vanity, and then we have the toilet down here a shower, and bath which, I’m thinking of having. Because I want to defrost it it’s quite a chilly day good thing to do what oh yeah we’re about to go for a little walk about, and we realized that the hotel the hotel gives you a phone to use, and has internet on it, and everything. So, I’m gonna take this one with us guys realize we’re like five days into our trip, and we haven’t just taken a day just to stop walk around have no plans that’s kind of what we’re gonna do at the moment we’re just gonna head into like the main little strip go find the coffee guess what’s the plan a bath bomb cuz we have a bus, and yeah just like walk around no plan at all we’ve just found the shopping street, and there’s like a really beautiful building, I’m not sure what it is maybe a church or Cathedral. But generally all churches that’s quite a beautiful little CBD okay. So anything just went through my mind why nothing was like a hedgehog cafe where you can play with dogs I wish.

But it’s a bakery for dog treats why don’t we have a dog like look at this there’s been a good dog we’re on the hunt for a cafe. But just walk down to the water there’s like a canal that goes through here almost like a moat around the castle look at that that’s like a postcard I prefer a gondola this is so nice snowball fight going on we’re gonna give you guys the fool like tour around the city tomorrow. But, I’ll give you a little sneak peek. Because you can see how cute this town is like look at that that’s really nice we found a spot the side of the water that’s nice or nice. But yet look at our view just in front of these buildings this year super huge it’s actually moments like this I really enjoy we just take a moment of this chill, and have our favorite thing what have you ordered that is not know what it’s called a brownie chocolate chain okay it looks amazing, and the guy was like you know it comes with cream, and you did not stop your movie I honestly can’t believe how pretty this place is like the photos, and like the posts we watched on this place it didn’t show how cute the buildings were here alrighty Justin get her fix in Vienna. So we’re gonna go a little shopping, and we’re gonna have a little night in, and watch The Sound of Music.

Because after I found a music tour in Salzburg we have been wanting to watch it. So bad. So we just got it, and it’s all we gonna be doing tonight. But I said, I’ll quickly show you guys what I got. Because we did a tiny shop I literally got two things. So first place we went to was H&M, and I got this hat I’ve been obsessed with these hats. So I found one, and it was in pink let me show you guys I’ve been wearing one in black, and I’ve been really wanting a tan one.

But they didn’t have that banana pink one. So got this hat I wear to Zara, and I’ve never bought anything from Zara before ever behind it actually always a rave on about ourselves okay let’s have a look, and actually found a jump up Steve got nothing by the way he looked. But he couldn’t find anything he likes. So no more from Steve. But I got this yellowy mustard a jumper it’s very big, I’ll wear it tomorrow. So I can show you guys. But it has gigantic puffy sleeves, and then alike comes in at the wrist I liked it I think it was pretty cool oh yeah for me to do a whole move over here we go what did you get I looked at it yet I got this from Zara pizza oh yes Pizza oh my gosh that’s right take it take it oh my gosh oh this is exactly what I want to feel like, I’m on holiday here we are on holiday hey guys you see as well it is snowing so much doubt that look at the view what over it is cold of the castle all nice, and lit off, I’m really excited to go, and explore it tomorrow.

But I hope you guys enjoyed that very quick look at ljubljana we have a whole series here in slovenia coming up. So if you are new around here make sure you get comment. Because this is what you can expect in the coming posts, I’m so excited to be here this is such a huge bucket list item that we’re about to see we just did something, I’m not entirely proud of Oh.

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