Tragus piercing

Trags iercing for He lived there for many years racticing meditation, bt withot having his head shaved Making a wooden ladle, the solitary monk drew and drank water from a montain torrent One day, a monk from the monastery at the to of the montain visited the hermit and asked, What is the meaning of Bodhidharma’s coming from the West Th e hermit resonded, Th e montain torrent rns dee, so the handle of a wooden ladle mst be aroriately long Th e monk reorted this to the master of Xefeng temle, who declared, He sonds like a strange character, erhas an anomaly or sirit I’d better go at once and check him ot for myself Th e next day, master Xefeng went to see the hermit while carry- Monastic Transmission 145 ing a razor and accomanied by his attendant monk As soon as they met he said, If yo can exress the Way, I won’t shave yor head Trags iercing 2016

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