Hey guys we just finished up yeah it’s a five-hour drive. So just had our first stop we decided to check out the town of Kenai. Because he nigh. Because we went to the Kenai Fjords National Park which was the both one, and then we’ve been staying on the Kenai Peninsula. So we thought we’d come check out the town now if you didn’t know which we didn’t know Alaska was settled well a lot of it was Russian this is a very Russian settlement we’ve just gone to check out like a Russian Church Oh could be a cathedral, I’m not too sure what the actual name is he was calling a church a Russian Church say Russian chest will say Russian Church it looks like it’s sunken guys we found like a sunken.


So it’s about lunchtime. So we’ve decided to stop, and rather than having lunch at a car park which we usually do we stop next this little river oh wow this is so probably the Papa bear’s there’s like their their berries everywhere more that beautiful Alaskan landscape after lunch just down the road we’re gonna go on a little hike before getting to hope just to stretch our legs out of bed after a long drive let’s go get some your lunch yeah yeah let’s go get some learn another life starting a hike for the day with some bullet holes like this look at Jess she’s kind of dividing it. But on the left you have one season, and on the right you have the other season we can even see some of the trees are literally like half in the summer slowly turning into the autumn like even on this one. But then you turn to this one to the right of you that’s completely gone I noticed in America when it’s like autumn all the leaves do turn yellow, and they all fall. But in Australia especially where we live we only we don’t have that season i autumn just I don’t know I’ve never really noticed any leaves like turning the elements doc do you yeah we’re we’re from in Perth is pretty much just two seasons we get summer, and winter, and you get this like very quick spring, and autumn. But that’s it it was not like you know movie awesome movie we have like just like heroes like I’ve never actually seen that we actually stopped seeing trees apparently a big bushfire came through here they were hiking through not 100% sure on what year.

But you can really see the damage it was like last night it can be this emotional way you sad at the end are you sad that you still got one more night of camping it’s a bit cold, and rainy here, and hope we be, and hope have hope Ryan have heart ah do robbing a little small town of hope it is literally tiny this is the this is hole of heart ready there’s one end of the road it is the other end of the road yeah it’s tiny we’re camping over here the bar is right there, and the cafe is right this you know what we’re gonna be going you know where the boys are gonna be going all right we need to go grab our tents do it, and find a good spot zips, and we have our ten tenten tenten Tino tintin tintin Tino where do you want to claim where shall we go the water’s right there, and the mountains over here looks good right over there the Justin Stephens spot oh yeah all right all the tents are up, and we cooking some dinner we’re having fish tonight during the end of summer whatever this seven gets um born oh.

So they always come back to the place Selbourne lay their eggs, and then they die, and this river is this full of dead salmon like it smells like dead fish we we just came up, and I could smell like a fishy smell we noticed a few, and then when you actually look there’s like heaps of fish all dead in the water here locally it’s quite far from our campsites they don’t have a fishy smell tonight it’s like. So interesting. Because I have like heard about it you know you never see it I would love to see when they all went all the was a good migrate yeah well the salmon the salmon runs I’d love to see that there I guess we got to see the end result what’s appetizing donut yeah mac, and cheese smallest time smallest, I’m making bacon some smell last night small then it’s gonna rain no smoke smoke smoke big marshmallow yeah oh my god she looks very good at the size of your head who put that in the fire yes quick in the tent stay in the tent you got him ready come on go go go raining on the last night at least we got our s’mores in time I mean come in they don’t know if it’s you will meet from behind now I know how a train this is 113 days of caffeine disease just just took her. So anyway this is our last night in Alaska I hope you enjoy the last 13 days give us a comment below what you enjoyed the most yeah let us know. So tomorrow we’re going back to Anchorage today we kind of like drove most of the day. So, I’m sure this post is pretty short.

But we’ve pretty much drove today just to try, and get as close to Anchorage as we can, and then tomorrow we’re gonna encourage is he hang any sort yet my nice, and then we’re hanging up we’re hanging out in Anchorage for the day, and then we’re heading back to Utah. So now they know the whole story thanks for reading guys I need to know the truth smelly feet bye guys I ain’t sure what I should say we’ve been texting back, and forth.

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