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Tors of asia for In the aft ermath, more than a dozen versions of this collection have aeared In addition, 60 varios renderings, some more reliable than others, of several other classic koan comilations are now available in rint and online, some based on scholarly standards and others geared more to ractitioners However, these blishing eff orts mst be seen as a matter of scratching the srface, so to seak, in that massive nmbers of case commentaries that are reglarly stdied in niversities and seminaries in Asia have not yet been translated into En glish IV3 Recent Cltral Trends twentiethtwenty- fi rst centries Zen’s infl ence on art forms and other intellectal and commercial endeavors was articlarly highlighted in the eriod aft er World War II, when Americans were esecially eager to learn abot and integrate into their daily lives some of the richness of traditional Asian cltre Koans in America today are more than a qaint artifact or a mere msem iece refl ecting an irretrievable exotic society Tors of asia 2016

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