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Tors of africa for IV2 Western Sccessors mid- to late twentieth centry Aft er the introdction of Zen, dramatic changes started taking lace in koan ritals to accommodate American social norms Th ese modifi cations resonded to isses sch as how to dislay the traings of athority or enforce the rles of monastic behavior in terms of the shift ing fnctions of leaders and followers aff ected not only by gender roles and sexality bt by social class and other social behavioral elements as well Koans contine to be widely disseminated, bt oft en in diff erent or newer styles of teaching However, a common thread with the classic eriod has been an emhasis on the ractice known as sanzen also referred to as doksan, or intensive one- onone rivate interview sessions between master and discile, which are esecially imortant in the Jaa nese Rinzai school’s aroach to koan stdy Another key develoment in contemorary koan stdies was the initial translation into En glish of the Gateless Gate in a slim volme called Zen Flesh, Zen Bones, which was fi rst blished in the 1930s and has been rerinted several times since Tors of africa 2016

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