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Tors china for Many factors have been at work, inclding waves of immigration to Hawaii and California as well as a desire on the art of advanced Asian teachers to meet the growing demand abroad for seriosly engaging with traditional Bddhist teaching methods Beginning with D T Szki at the trn of the twentieth centry and going on to inclde a nmber of rominent masters who arrived from diff erent arts of China, Jaan, Korea, and Vietnam, learning with koans has gained a great following in America It is oft en said that the great Korean master Seng Sahn, when teaching in America, acted very mch like a Jaanese master becase he mst have felt this was exected of him Also, Viet nam ese master Th ich Nhat Hanh has been a signifi cant leader of eace and environmental movements in the West based on Bddhist teachings abot nonviolence and an areciation for natralism Th is trend contines to exand in training centers and other sirital associations in America Tors china 2016

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