No craziness have you never seen anything like this, I’m just an American carrying a shopping bag Jessica stay back Tuesday morning at June 28 2018 from Paris France, I’m in the lobby of our new hotel, and look at this Lobby look how cool this place is it just. So relaxed it’s like a nice lounge like an old-school jazz lounge it’s like someone’s living room, and then over here in the corner we find the wild Jessica hiding out on the futon it’s a little later now, and I’ve been here in the dark hotel room editing a post for the past three hours Jessica actually left about two hours ago to go meet with a designer that we missed yesterday we have a chance, and it didn’t work out. So she went there, and she took a post camera today is a very very busy day.


So let’s head out, and get moving all right. So, I’m going to show you guys a few of my favorite pieces from the collection and, I’m going to start with this white dresses. So pretty just like your classic sort of like cottony type of dress. But I think it’s just. So pretty, and I can see myself like running through a field of daisies okay. So this is the first thing that, I’m trying on it’s just this really pretty like flirty skirt, and then I absolutely adore dog Jojo dress you’re classy sleeves this is probably my favorite, I’m not going to lie it is the first day that they haven’t stores. So introduce yourself hello sorry no go ahead we can get you at the camera oh you could what if you want.

So my name is Eddie. So close it up, and the director of the communication of sahaja three years, and she has been helping me out here at Paranal he’s a degenerate decade ha ha ha ha she was okay I didn’t ever. But she has been helping me out of here, and she is one of the sweetest women I have ever met especially parents I can’t decide, I’m so excited to have like the end of today thank you so much as you wake up with a flavor for the energy that keeps us all today I know our big trend isn’t mascara I just finished up at Arthur mom. So sweet the shopping experience there everyone is so kind it’s so easy to shop there I really know about it before this. But, I’m glad that I did. Because, I’m probably going to be checking it out a lot more often oh my goodness I have to go to this store later look at how beautiful these dresses are okay that one I know man where’s think that one is so gorgeous I must go this is not Jessica blog take over without a page on look at these monster pigeons that there are here. But look at how big he is pigeon monster that is like necklace pigeon to the extreme right there all right nothing pigeons. But dependent all right oh my shirts coming off ah help me someone oh wow I was just got touched by pigeon there all right. So, I’m at petit Palais right now which is this building here hello women, and I believe that we’re getting lunch here might be lunch, and maybe a little bit Museum, and I just got a text message from Eric that says all the metro stops are gated off literally no way to get to the place time to walk back to the hotel to figure this out. Because of the strike there’s a protest right where our hotel is so Eric is at the hotel down by place pitas all right this is just great, I’m running a little late this morning I leave the hotel, and the woman at the front desk said there was a strike today, and a protest, and that’s the whole circle where we’re saying is closed off this is right where we’re staying, and I need to get I have to get all the way up to here, and I am all the way down here gonna figure this out ted cofell you know you stay straight on series’s topic go below I just asked the woman at the front desk for some help she is the nicest woman ever for putting up with me, and my lack of French speaking. But look at all these policemen like I kind of just want to stay here, and watch this strike I’ve never seen a strike like that I made it here without my cellphone my one piece of advice if you’re in another country, and you don’t have data when you do have Wi-Fi screenshot your route in Google Maps, and have all the pictures on your phone.

So you can pull them up when you’re on the metro or walking however you have to go. But we made it, I’m very late, I’m sorry about that I said there’s a strike look what I find Jessica with pigeons Eric is going to try to grab this pigeon, I’m going to get us kicked out the chaos is done we are now at a peep la having a nice little lunch. But this is pretty beautiful there’s this courtyard Museum the big dome roof with these golden angels with their breasts hanging out okay, I’m trying to do an extreme close-up here look at that eating that egg oh yeah I’ve never seen one like that look how big it is oh my god Eric it’s coming to us here give me bread pudding when we leave we’re gonna drop oh my god best part of the trip pigeon fight look at this building yeah yeah let’s meet you guys bye guys what a small world a lot of viewers that live in France Paris earlier you see a few other people as well it’s a shame. Because lots of the museum’s we’ve gone to you can’t post inside of. But I mean that’s kind of the point to come in person, and see the artwork back out into the world look at these pigeons everywhere these pigeons run Paris we’re walking down the champs-elysees, and they’re already setting up the bleachers for the last stage of Iowa said Hema said is a Tour de France. But how cool is that and, I’m working on it, I’m working on it we are seeing the star of the race at Mont saint-michel. So that should be pretty cool, I’m walking back to the hotel now, and I have to cross this street to get there look at this chaos no craziness I’ve never seen anything like this, I’m just an American carrying a shopping bag Jessica stay back pretend are you a twitch our chemical or he stashes car service number them you have to for the day yeah they will open the streets four times we didn’t at the end of the demonstration actually what time is your meeting, I’m back in the lobby of the hotel now, and I actually have internet now.

So, I’m going to call Jess, and warn her. Because we have to be somewhere at 5:00 p.m. it’s for 19 now. So I don’t think that’s gonna happen I just texted Jessica, and I don’t know how she’s gonna get back through here I mean she might have a better chance of me. Because you know she’s a beautiful model, and all. But we will see what the heck that was very easy for you huh I said that it’s a cockatiel, and he laughs, and I I opened the bag, and show that I just had women’s clothing I have to get my stuff it’s over here have you ever seen anything like that.

But but still before coming to France probably never know I’ve never seen anything like that we’re heading back out we’re going to a place that I’ve always wanted to go the protest is still going strong actually it looks like they’re about to leave me up she’s good every single Street block top shield gun we have to find an entrance we want to go on the train to this place you’ll see what we’re going very soon, I’m really excited and, I’ll see you guys when we get there this is a moment I’ve been waiting a long time since senior year in high school to do to see all that we are going to the catacombs, I’m in Paris I can’t believe how far underground we are right now I have to duck a little bit a lot of very low ceilings what is this could you imagine going back in the tunnels that aren’t okay let’s keep going Jess back out into the world eerie right it’s eerie especially realizing that those are people I think like you said before it’s like you see in posts, and you don’t think it’s real. But seeing it. So close, and also the fact that you’re like 200 feet underground just walking under all these buildings that you see it’s scary. But I think that was kind of sad if there’s so many people, and they’re like joking around, and laughing, and my Jen laughing, and I was like oh my gosh she just really shows you how desensitized we are we are in a very special place right now we took a quick little detour this is the spot of our first day in Paris when Jessica was living here for three months, and what part of the city is this it’s the tool month on ass that’s it right there first tour dates in Paris lady in the Tramp we just got done our dinner very good dinner now Jessica’s taking me to the one, and only. So alright this is it what do you think. So we’re just hanging out here in front of the church, and look who you run into Canada Germany hello nice to meet you he’s here on a tennis match yeah of course, I’m out of the tournament. But I will see a protest very cool very cool thanks for stopping saying hi Noah yeah pretty cool to meet you.

Because I am looking your dog’s pretty for pretty long time and. So I saw it was pretty amazing well good luck safe travels tomorrow back by Conrad nice guy everyone that we have met here has been. So nice I can’t believe we’ve met. So many viewers here I know I’ve been shocked. So far away what a day very very emotional going into the church when you go into the sacre-coeur the emotion in the energy in there is so overwhelming it just washes over you, and you can feel hundreds of years of prayers, and happiness, and sadness anger it was a lot there’s a lot I’ve never seen such a grand building you know very fitting for our last day in Paris. So if you guys liked today’s post give it a thumbs up, and leave us a comment down below if you’re new to the blog, and you like today’s post comment stick around a little bit I love the mopeds I want to get a moped.

So bad after being in Paris you know, I’m not about, I’m bummed that we didn’t give us a kiss sighs shake I could just imagine like how juice would fall down my face, and I bit into it alone. So until tomorrow everyone smile more worried less, and live your passion with see everyone in the morning.

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