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Tour packages for It is generally accepted that this was an apparition of P/Halley. The Chinese record of Halley’s Comet in BC was the most exhaustive comet report up to the sixth century. It reveals that it was seen from August , when it was in Gemini in the eastern morning sky, to October , when it was in Scorpius, low in the western sky. Signiicantly, the comet came to within AU of Earth on September , permitting Earthdwellers to see an approximately -degree tail around that time, although unfortunately this was a month before perihelion October and so the comet’s brightness was only irst magnitude. The comet, with its striking tail, was standing up near-vertically over the western horizon from September to There are, then, a couple of interesting points of comparison between this apparition of Halley’s Comet and the Star of Bethlehem. First, Mark Littmann and Don Yeomans point out that, just as the Star of Bethlehem was seen in the eastern sky and then led the Magi westward to Jerusalem, so also, viewed from the Middle East, Halley’s Comet beamed brightly over the eastern horizon at the start of September and then over the western horizon later in the month. Second, for a few days in mid-September, the comet, with its sizable tail, could readily have been described as standing over the western horizon. Tour packages 2016.

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