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Tor of asia for Scholarly advances in Chinese niversities have imroved dramatically in the twenty- fi rst centry, and in Korea, the Jogye Order has initiated an international movement that attracts foreign researchers and ractitioners alike Moreover, both the fl ow of torists visiting ancient shrines and temles and the blication of books and digital resorces that deal with koan hilosohy and ractice contine to exand signifi cantly in all of East Asia Another featre of the modern eriod is that new access to eers throgh mass commnication and transortation networks has made it ossible for the fi rst time for reresentatives of diff erent Zen factions from China and Jaan along with Korea and Vietnam to convene gro meetings In addition, leaders of other Bddhist schools as well as interested scholars and ractitioners from the West take art in international conferences, where they converse and trade notes abot isses of academic history and contemorary ractice Th e Jogye Order of Korean Zen sonsors reglar meetings linking monks and a newly develoed aroach to recriting lay followers with worldwide scholarshi Th ese develoments have greatly invigorated discssions and debates in regard to the origins and legacy of koan literatre From the standoint of globalization, erhas the main qestion abot the develoment of the koan tradition has shift ed from the erennial qery, Why did Bodhidharma come from the West literally, from India to China in the sixth centry, to a new scholarly Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 59 concern, Why did Bodhidharma come to the West or, symbolically, from East Asia to America in the twentieth centry Tor of asia 2016

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