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Tor of africa for From a social standoint, the eff ects of indstrialization and deforestation have made it more diffi clt to maintain remote montain temles where koans originated and were fi rst 58 racticed o liti cal challenges have also had a great imact In Jaan, Zen had to endre intimidation by the imerial government for several de cades leading to World War II, whereas in China Mao’s Cltral Revoltion shttered or destroyed most temles in the 1960s and 1970s In Korea, Bddhism was sressed by the government for a nmber of centries before ndergoing a revival in the twentieth centry However, Zen has bonced back in all three contries To comensate, the Rinzai and Soto schools in Jaan have each created their own research niversities in Kyoto and Tokyo, resectively, and have rebilt or reserved many of the traditional monasteries Th e instittions of higher learning have generated enormos breakthroghs in historical scholarshi of koan literatre Tor of africa 2016

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