Tour Choice is Your Choice in Vacations: Get a Taste of the Thai Life with the Hua Hin Cycling Explorer

Go enjoy a short ride and a taste of the Thai life with the Hua Hin cycling explorer package. This is an exciting package to have because it’s different from your usual Caribbean beach or winter ski slope vacation. In short, it’s a nice change of pace.

Before reaching the Thailand Gulf, there’s a sprawling delta spread into Bangkok’s Mae Klong River, particularly in the Southwest direction from the Thai capital. It’s in this low-lying land that you’ll get to traverse an intricate canal network that many a tourchoice would love to go explore. This irrigation aid has ensured the fertility of the land over the years. The vacation tour will have tourists riding the reservoir resource of many of the canals in this canal network. It’s an adventure that’s unique and breathtaking at the same time because it’s a one-of-a-kind trip into the heart of Southwest Thailand.

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Vacation Trip

Instead of riding a roller coaster which is ultimately a short trip, you should instead try your hand at riding through the canals of the Hua Hin cycling explorer package because it’s a mix of different types of terrain. You’re not getting more of the same; each ride is a different, exciting, and pulse-pounding adventure every time. This adrenalin-rush of a vacation showcases the crea-of-the-crop in southeast asia vacation packages for sure.

If you want to witness the other side of Thailand”to be more specific, its wild side that will shock and amaze you in every which way”then you should definitely give this tour a try sometime. It’s quite unlikely you’ll regret it, and at the very least it’s something you probably won’t experience anywhere else. Who knew a bicycle ride could be so exciting?

Most every tropical place has some sort of beach or resort setup. Some might mix things up with ranches, eco adventures, scuba diving, and even paragliding, but in essence these are all distractions to the main attraction of beaches and bathing in them.

The reason why this particular vacation or irrigation canal tour serves as one of the top things to see in southeast asia is because it’s not something you can experience anywhere else. It’s like Carnaval in Rio or going to Stonehenge. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience to traverse these irrigation canals and go exploring their depths through cycling while viewing an ever-changing timeless landscape. It’s a carnival ride without the carnival, almost.

Using this trip as your introduction to Thailand is also a viable option for tourists.

Top Things to do in Thailand on a bike ride

On the first day of this package, you’ll get to visit one of the more popular floating markets around, giving you the 101 or ABCs of Thailand markets and shopping while enjoying yourself as you immerse yourself into Thai culture.

After looking around and admiring the vistas found all over the introduction to this ultimate ride of sorts, you’ll soon end up in a labyrinth of canals reminiscent of the catacombs under Paris. What makes this such a fascinating area is the fact that it serves as multiple portals to different eras of time in Thailand history, making this quite the bike ride in and of itself.

Your cycling should take you to multiple temples and plantations, serving as a yin-yang of the old and the new. You’ll get to buy all sorts of fruits and vegetables at fruit stands through the back roads, and there’s a wonderfully petit hotel over yonder, in the banks of the canal.

There are many highlights to be had from this healthy cycling tour. It takes three days to complete, the cycling distance is about 94 kilometers, it’s just difficult enough for every tourist to pick up without deeming it too much of a challenge, plus as long as you have an average level of fitness you should be able to complete it without any problems.

You don’t have to bring your own bike either, because the bikes are included in the trip. The bikes themselves are either mountain bikes or hybrid BMXs that are the perfect bicycles for this type of hike.

The kind of bike you’re going to get will depend on the tour you’re entering. They typically have front suspension, Shimano components, v-brakes, lightweight allow frames, and 24-27 speed gears. You’ll also have guides in case you don’t want to get lost in the maze of pipes like in the game Super Mario Brothers (although this is more in line with Excite Bike than SMB, which are both NES classics).

Regardless, the Thai guides you’ll have assigned to you speak English but are local so they’re familiar with the terrain. These tour leaders are well-informed and should be able to take care of the logistics of handling such a huge cycling “race” of sorts. They’re also well-versed in the area’s religions, culture, and history if you want to immerse yourself further into Thai lore while biking.

Your leader is also experienced cyclists who are trained to handle emergencies of a medical nature. He will guide you in every which way, from explaining lore to handling the most minor repairs en route to the hotel at the end of the pipe maze of the Hua Hin cycling tour.

Best and Sumptuous food that Thailand offers

In regards to food and drink, meals are included as part of the itinerary. You’ll get three meals the whole day, plus they’re all local cuisine featuring soups, curries, rice, and noodles. If you have any further dietary requests, they’ll be catered to as well. Just as long as you’re able to inform the ones booking ahead of time what these needs are, you should be good to go.

Hydration is taken care of in this tour as well, since it’s an important part of this cycling marathon or race of sorts.

There are soft drinks, local fruit drinks, and energy-restoring cold water included in the tour price that are distributed to everyone engaging in this activity. Beer is freely available as well, but it’s not included in the price, so you should be able to pay for your own beer with your pocket money.

As for the accommodations and trip route, they’re chosen in accordance of making sure you’re getting a gander at the best scenery that the area has to offer, whether you’re cycling through the dirt, on the road, or inside the mysterious caverns and irrigation pipes of the land.

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