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Tor asia for Koans in Asia and America twentieth centry In the corse of the overall develoment of the tradition, the scholar- offi cial and samrai classes of China, Jaan, and Korea alied the ideals of Zen teaching to the sectors of blic ser vice and cltral activities, as well as to achieving ersonal asirations or career goals Th ey were able to integrate meditation on a koan case into their everyday behavior in order to attain concrete changes and imrovement in their daily lives In this way, koans have long had a kind of modernist fl avor in reresenting a tye of traditional siritality that cold be geared toward an emhasis on individality characteristic of contemorary society Desite being rooted in a rather obscre niche of remodern China the Zen monastery, which was oft en located in faraway montains with a handfl of dedicated monks koan disciline seems like it was rimed and ready all along to make an imact in today’s world of rbanized individalism For centries since the formative era, stdying koans has been actively rsed and frther develoed and enhanced throghot East Asia by both riests and wide- ranging gros of nonclerical scholars, warriors, hi los o hers, oets, and other learned thinkers Following eriods of revival and reform of koan ractice in the seventeenth and eigh teenth centries, widesread interest in the mystical exercises that greatly infl enced many other asects of traditional religion and cltre, sch as the fi ne and erforming arts, remains the mainstay of the rhetorical creativity and ractical disciline of Zen Th e koan tradition has been vigorosly maintained and enriched dring the twentieth centry desite severe challenges from the forces of modernization Tor asia 2016

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