Toughest Travel Day So Far Zagreb Croatia

While this is such an underrated city a huge bucket list item that we’re about to see okay no now you look extra guys we just made it in the pants with the look lengthy papers are calling it the beast from the east a beast from the east freezing weather front sweeping in from Russia this week, and it’s set to bring temperatures lower than the Arctic Hey guys is last time you saw us we were on a train and, I’m not too sure if we told you where we were going we currently in Zagreb in Croatia, and we just woke up, and got ready, and I have a feeling there might be some sort of like cold snap happening. Because in all the other countries that we’ve been to. So far it has been around like one degree sometimes it goes down to zero which was fine to handle. But today for some reason when we were couples negative nine it’s gone down to negative seven it is I don’t know how you word it.

Toughest Travel Day So Far Zagreb Croatia Photo Gallery

But it’s currently negative seven degrees, and it’s nine o’clock in the morning, and I’ve just been waiting for it to warm up, and it’s not warming up guys I feel like it’s gonna be a really cold day. But I thought, I’ll show you a view. So this is your little first sneak peek of to grab, and ours as well. Because we arrived at night. But our behind the veil is the grab yeah it’s right on this oh my gosh it’s so cold or can you actually open it oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh it’s like broken up there oh I always broke the window don’t touch it Wow oh my gosh I wish I’d showed you guys I literally was ripped this window off it is so cold today oh my gosh it’s so weak his last time in Croatia was so hot that guys oh.

So I called this like snow right here yeah yeah I see. But anyway this is a grip. So we currently like this big square all Zod grabs the grab I don’t know. But it is it is so cold oh my gosh I feel like today, I’m left to wear like all the clothes I brought with me that seemed from friends, I’m wearing everything you want, I’m gonna wear everything I heard right now it is freezing about we only have one day here. So we need to go out now. Because we’re gonna waste time.

So uh all right let’s broke up oh my gosh Conda is like China bilayers oh do this up I have way too many jumpers underneath this jumper, and ready to potty Alex really feel like I saw push me River right now I wouldn’t feel a thing yeah I’ve got too many layers on. But when I go outside then have enough layers on Oh actually now this is good amount of layers yeah actually I don’t feel too bad Bobby remember the last time actually the last time we were in Croatia was our first honey. So extra, and we were jumping into water lovely weather as well this has pretty much been us for the entire week. So this is Gretzky square as you can see there’s some like nice colored buildings just here, and then our room is just up there please Hotel Dubrovnik simply you’re not using that we’re not interpreting we’re in Zagreb. But we are in Croatia in Dubrovnik sing Croatia thanks for that solve that riddle negative feeling I never cry just to know I love it ah you know what we call complete. Because today’s one of the first things can’t complain this entire blog has started with us complaining this is what I remember our Croatia having the little cute alleyways thing about Europe cute alleyways Wow, and I see four I wanna get me some clear that is sorry clear guys first stuff on the this is a group tour is this Cathedral is actually huge this is one of the biggest ones we ever seen that is HUGE it could be that’s very cool there’s a service on though. But interesting seeing that how cool was the singing yeah.

So it’s really beautiful going explore it. But yeah it’s Sunday Sunday church alright guys. So we’ve come down to two kalki car I think that’s sort of cool is a street, and I think it’s like one of the most cutest streets here in Zagreb, and the slides with little shops, and restaurants, and cafes it’s Sunday. So after see what’s open. But it is definitely worth coming down to check out the street yeah look at this yeah like it looks very traditional a lot of different foods as well the Croatian Mediterranean, and Indian, and all that is all a mystery yeah look how cute this little shop is it’s got the buildings behind it. So it’s quite a raised part of the town fresh food fresh food insurance some of this will be a very beautiful market to explore like half the tables are not here hanging towards the church is a little like tunnel. So we’re currently in the lower tab, I’m gonna want to get out to the upper town, and we have found I think they say it’s one of the shortest Finnick killers in the world oh we’re not walking the ten steps up we’re taking the trains I think you can probably put it next to that clock town Prague is probably one of the most disappointing attractions in Europe sure you get the Express together 1800 1800 they built this just.

So that people didn’t have to walk out the steps to get to the other town guys I’ve walked up more steps in the Paris underground than that why you guys walking obviously there’s a fun way to get up grand total of 30 seconds to get up there, and $1.00 alrighty guys welcome to the Upper Town is a grip it seems I have like a promenade where you can walk along which, I’m sure is very pretty in the summertime ulcer in winter they could like some chandeliers at night probably light up. But the view from the promenade was quite good, I’ll show you guys when we come past these trees sorry I can’t show you the orange ruse that Croatia is known for. But yeah this is the view just here of the city it’s really beautiful up here what are you doing what are you doing no oh yeah I can literally see your layers on the back over here in the tour as we were walking past, and apparently at 12 o’clock a cannon goes off I don’t know where from it’s currently 11:59 cuz you just come to st. Mary Church we’ll go closer for you. But this building looks. So cool cause look at the roof it almost looks like a tapestry also how cool is this old school Mercedes just hear perfectly parked in front of the church it’s actually tiles.

But seriously from back there looks like tapestry, and even they’re like streets around it are very beautiful I think this is probably the most beautiful part of the grab what we’ve seen. So far yeah this cool looking Church is called st. Mark’s Church Oh okay guys officially need to warm up like my nose is gone my fingers are gone come to the Prost of cafes Pro Cafe the sequel I think it’s number two Bobby this is the most extra chair we are sitting on I really extract drink what is that even zebra-print that is just like like that’s a request for the sweet 16 show oh my gosh Hey everybody welcome back to Zagreb yep you probably you’re like you went out during the day, and then the next day what happened I think the cold got to us, and we just crashed. But to be honest we saw a lot of Zagreb like we first saw everything see didn’t. So we actually weren’t going to go to Zagreb we were going to go straight from Slovenia yeah into Budapest. But we saw the Gribble’s on the way. So, I’m like let’s go there for a day use it as like a chill-out get some work done halfway point halfway point, and now today we’re going to Budapest Hungary.

So we’re gonna be spending the end of our trip there. So, I’m really excited to go there I think just with the trains is easier to have like a halfway point we have explored a lot of Croatia nature is very beautiful on the coast as the greps an interesting City if you guys need like fly in, and definitely like a 24-hour City don’t use evil in a day like literally we sort old in the morning. So just arrived to the station, and it’s worth what we are doing. So going to group to Budapest, and the first one today leaves at 9:50 is currently 9:30 platform also. Because you know it’s like the kind to the end of the trip now Budapest I’ve always wanted a green here. So covers, and you get a little memento to keep at the end of your trip well we’ve got the Harry Potter cabins again hopefully we get this to ourselves for the entire six hours alrighty guys we’ve just made it to hungry. So I think we’ve got like three hours to go now.

But we have currently been Aldous s I’ve we’ve never done this since this trip. But we love pretzels with hummus it started in Austria, and now I can’t get enough. So um this is a little snack while we were on the train next time we see you will be in Masum budapest our butter. But then our bear alright guys we are packing up. Because in ten minutes time we’re gonna arrive at budapest station, and there is no with snow here. But we did check the weather, and it says it’s still gonna be the negatives like negative six, and stuff. So I feel like there’s like a cold snap right now in Europe this is cool guys we just checked in or at the Hilton here in Budapest, and I think.

But well his room. But I think this here is the best view we have ever had from a hotel ever oh my gosh I can’t wait to show you guys tomorrow morning cuz you can’t really tell these letters like you can see I don’t know much about them that’s a palace you see everything like there’s literally a little castle here people are paying to see this view, and it is from our cruise hovering right now oh man I have to show you guys in the morning it is absolutely epic alrighty guys we we are going out for a little date dinner date. So we’re very very like Italian you look handsome no we don’t normally go out do you know cuz usually work at night this is like a special evening we have found like a viola super like you know cultural going out tonight that stopped smoking Arian spot little jevs this looks like a local Hungarian first not made by British guy not a new way to like try the local drinks instead of trying to local VR we’re gonna try the local cider it’s gorgeous Ziya cheers that steak night yeah that’s nice oh I’ve gone for like a seafood dish Bobby our dessert came with like a little advertisement hungry, and hungry guys we’ve just come back to our room we found out that’s the government building it the Parliament is like massive, and then there’s the little castle just next to us it kinda looks like Hogwarts to be honest that is our night view from our hotel room I hope you guys enjoy today’s blog we have a full day exploring Budapest tomorrow before we head off back to Perth. So if you are new around here make sure you hit comment excited to show you around hungry.

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