Toronto for n Implementation intentions One of the reasons why people may not always translate their intentions into action is that they have not made adequate plans as to how, when and where they will implement their intention. Gollwitzer suggests that individuals need to shift from a mindset typical of the motivation pre-doing phase towards an implementational mindset, which is found in the volition doing phase Gollwitzer , Gollwitzer and Oettingen Gollwitzer and Schaal Individuals need to make a specific when, where and how’ plan that commits them to a certain time and place and to using a particular method of action. For example, rather than stating, as is typical in the TPB measures, how strongly I intend to stop smoking, an implementation intention would require me to state that I intend to stop smoking first thing next Sunday morning, at home, using a nicotine replacement patch. Although Ogden argues that this method of questioning is manipulative rather than descriptive and serves a different purpose to that of simply asking questions about one’s attitudes or beliefs i.e. it has the purpose of intervention and not description, many studies now include a measure of II. Goal intentions can be distinguished from implementation intentions; for example n goal intention I intend to go on a diet’ motivational, part of TPB; n implementation intention I intend to go on a diet on Monday after my party weekend’ planning, not part of TPB. Toronto 2016.

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