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Toronto subway map for In an epilogue to the dialogue he declares, I was given half a ladle of water by Linji and another half a ladle by 176 Moshan. Now that I have drunk a full ladle, I have nothing more to seek further. A related story recorded in various transmission rec ords deals with whether a nun should be allowed to enter the main sermon hall?to preach. Th e master asks a female cleric who wants to open the hall to demonstrate a supranormal power so as to prove herself worthy of the honor, but she refrains from doing so although presumably she could have if she had wished. Ironically, the refusal to perform puts her in higher regard than an actual demonstration, and she is given entr?e. But in general, Zen literature is ambiguous about whether a woman can instruct a man if she has not previously taken her teaching from a monk and become legitimate in one of the accepted lineages. Dogen’s commentary supports the capacity of Moshan, who is ordained. Toronto subway map 2016.

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