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Toronto Map Tourist Attractions on The high price of initial models, however, doomed NeXT to a minor position in the computer industry of the early 1990s. Jobs then bought Pixar Animation Studios in 1986, building it into a major Hollywood design studio, responsible for the first full-length computer-generated motion picture, Toy Story (1995). Jobs, by now undeniably a marketing and public-relations expert, accepted an offer to return to Apple in 1997 after it acquired NeXT for $400 million. He resumed leadership of the company several months later, with the typically atypical title of interim CEO or iCEO.

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Toronto Map Tourist Attractions

With Apple at its lowest fortunes, Jobs made a number of organizational moves to turn the company around, the most dramatic and successful of which included a partnership with MICROSOFT in 1997 and the introduction of the radically revised consumer computer, Jobs, Steve 445 the iMac, in 1998. In early 2003, Jobs remained at the helm of Apple and one of the more enigmatic and charismatic figures in modern capitalism. BIBLIOGRAPHY.

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