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To vacations for However, a revival within the Soto school of examining Dogen’s comlex relation to the koan tradition has been carried ot in the ost World War II eriod of academic stdies of the fond er’s writings Stage IV: Global eriod Ongoing Sread from Modern East Asia to the West twentiethtwenty- fi rst centries eriod Overview: Th e history of the modern eriod and some of the diverse imlications and alications of contemorary crosscltral and lralistic standoints is, of corse, still being written Th e ast centry is marked by an exansion of stdies in koans in Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 57 East Asia, along with a boom of interest in Zen abroad, triggered by immigrant evangelists and their Western sccessors It has also seen the enetration of koan infl ences into diverse sociocltral realms in America, ranging from the arts and hilosohy to healing and sychotheray, as well as bsiness and science Th ere are three sbstages IV1 To vacations 2016

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