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Top vacation spots for At the same time, as we shall see shortly, a careful study of the stars in the uppermost region of Virgo reveals that there is a much better way to understand her twelve-star crown. The Placement of the Figure Virgo within the Constellation How did the ancients in this general period conceive of Virgo relative to the stars of her constellation? We have evidence of at least four versions of Virgo. The irst version of Virgo was described by the second-century BC Greek astronomical writer Hipparchus. Beginning at the bottom of the constellation, he regarded her feet as corresponding to the stars ? Mu and Lambda Virginis, her shoulders evidently the lower part of the shoulders as Gamma and Delta Virginis, and the top star in her head a s Xi Virginis. This conceptualization of Virgo is unquestionably the most bizarre it requires Virgo to have an extraordinarily long neck and/or massive head. Indeed, in Hipparchus’s analysis, the distance from the top star in her head to the star in her right shoulder is the same as the distance from her left elbow to her left foot! A revised version of Hipparchus’s Virgo is found in the second-century AD Almagest of Ptolemy. Although Ptolemy largely followed Hipparchus, he perceived the need to make modiications. Top vacation spots 2016.

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