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Top vacation spots in us for It would probably imply that the Magi had assumed that the Star, having guided them to Jerusalem, would not reappear. The latter interpretation its the sequence of the story better verse has just climaxed with the Star standing over the particular location where the baby Messiah is, and verse reports that they entered the house. I suggest that verse is referring to the Magi’s great joy at seeing the Star standing over the house at the culmination of their long trek to worship the messianic baby. The Magi certainly felt a sense of wonder at seeing the Star as they journeyed from Jerusalem to Bethlehem that is conveyed by behold in verse But they were even more astonished and overjoyed when they realized that the Star was pinpointing an exact location, which they interpreted to be where the Messiah was. Evidently they perceived the celestial marvel to be a divine conirmation and vindication of their journey. The Star had, as it were, intervened to ensure that their pilgrimage came to a successful conclusion. Astonishingly, that night the Star had appeared to be making the same journey as the Magi. Top vacation spots in us 2016.

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