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Top vacation deals 2015 on The worker, of course, expects to get paid by the capitalist in exchange for his or her labor. The question for a theory of distribution is then, how much should this worker receive for his or her effort? How are wages, in general, determined in a capitalist economy? Marx based his answers to these questions on his theory of the value of commodities. Put simply, the value of any commodity (a good or service that is produced for exchange, not for the use of the producer) is determined by the amount of labor necessary to produce it. This means that each commodity embodies a certain proportion of the total labor expended by society. Marx then argued that commodities would exchange with each other on the market according to these socially necessary proportions. As more labor was bestowed on a commodity, its value would increase, and it would exchange for a larger value in the market; in a competitive system, equal value would exchange for equal value. Capitalist firms are in business to produce commodities. Top vacation deals 2015 2016.

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