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The organ’s facade was created by the architect Carl Harleman and the large painting on the west wall of the southern nave is by Fredrik Westin. Sweden’s most distinguished historical painter of the early 19th century.

Opera has been staged in Sweden since 18 January-1773. when a performance took place at Bollhuset at Slottsbacken. Kungliga Operan (The Royal Opera House) on Gustav Adolfs Torg was inaugurated on 30 September 1782, but by the late 19th century it had become a fire hazard. The architect Axel Anderberg was commissioned to design a new opera house which was

The splendid golden foyer at Kungliga Operan given to the State in 1898 by a consortium founded by the financier K A Wallenberg.

The colouring of the building in late-Renaissance style is in keeping with the Royal Palace and Parliament building, and some details of the architecture are common to all three. The beautiful staircase with ceiling paintings by Axel Jungstedt was inspired by the Paris Opera.

The same artist’s portrait of Oscar II hangs in the 28-m (92-ft) long golden foyer, where Carl Larsson was responsible for the decorative paintings. The wings at either side of the stage have been retained, as has the width of the proscenium arch (11.4 m/37 ft). Also saved was J T Sergei’s group of angels, holding the national coat of arms, above the stage. An angel in Vicke Andren’s ceiling painting is holding a sketch of the Opera House.

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