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Top travelling destinations on Recent attempts to modernize the rail system have not led to a national transportation and communication infrastructure. Air and ship travel are still best between cities while a haphazard mixture of telephone, telegraph, and telex suffice for communication. India’s debtstraddled, multi-interest state is only able to spend about $9 per person for education. This does not compare favorably with other rising east Asian, state-run economies that serve as a model for India, where spending is often 10 times more. India’s population is frugal, saving over 22 percent of its rupees (Indian currency) but unreliable rainfall forces many of India’s 700 million rural inhabitants to borrow money at high rates of interest to buy food. Government efforts to remedy the food situation are hampered by high inflation prices and poor transportation. Additionally, the privatization of state-run businesses by selling them off or trying to make them competitive by encouraging joint foreign ventures, has 408 India The Taj Mahal, a symbol of eternal love, also attests to the wealth of the emperor who built it for his late wife. Top travelling destinations 2016.

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