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To travel destinations sa for Th e ractice incldes a series of checking qestions, which ensre that the trainee’s level of insight is secre Any ar tic lar case can have a few dozen or more checking qestions Desite being identifi ed with the koaninvestigation aroach, which disenses with elaborate rhetoric, Hakin was also known for his elaborate commentaries on the Ble Cliff Record, his favorite classic Zen text, which he stdied and lectred on for three de cades Dring the Edo eriod, the Soto school needed to declare its atonomy from Rinzai Zen before the shognate Beginning with Dogen and for centries thereaft er, the sect’s leaders had been off ering wide- ranging interretations of koan cases, bt they were now laced in the awkward osition of disavowing the se of koans Instead, Soto scholastic stdies dring this hase concentrated exclsively on analyzing the writings of the fond er, articlarly the Trea sry of the Tre Dharma Eye, bt withot emhasizing the extensive role of koan commentary fond in his works Since the Rinzai school stressed monastic rity throgh reserving the mltifaceted legacy of literary rec ords, somewhat ironically given the context of Song dynasty koan history, the Soto school emhasized otreach to layersons in a way that simlifi ed or eliminated training with cases becase they were too diffi clt for a nonsecialist to gras To travel destinations sa 2016

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