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Top travel destinations in the us for In having the Star go before the Magi to the very house where the infant Messiah was, God was, Matthew implies, intervening to conirm them in their sacred mission and enable them to complete it. The star’s presence at this point in the Magi’s journey makes for beautiful symmetry. Just as the Star had marked the start of their mission, so it also marked its conclusion. More than this, the Star itself was now pointing out the precise whereabouts on the earth of the child whose birth it had earlier announced in the heavens. Three Phases of the Star’s Ushering. It is important to appreciate that there is a fundamental continuity between the Star’s guidance of the Magi to Bethlehem and its standing over the house The star went before them until, having come, it stood over the place where the child was v This indicates that the Star guided them irst to Bethlehem and then, after coming that is, down in altitude, toward the horizon, to the very house where baby Jesus was. The Star, then, did three things that night a It seemed to travel toward Bethlehem ahead of the Magi. Top travel destinations in the us 2016.

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