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Best coffee we all know where as the best coffee , and mala be very nice even guys, and welcome back thank you sir we share with our friends ash, and Josh from the way way we knew Cheers we’re currently making phone calls, and like floral my really exciting tomorrow, and we’re heading up to Whistler you’re gonna in my changes, and adventurous it’s sooo nice being back in Vancouver literally just gonna have this smile on my face the entire time I think we just went to revolve the cafe lifestyle we’re here I can’t actually remember you guys we’ll have to go back, and check the blog’s if we did. But that was a really good coffee, and this weather is so nice. Because of God’s coming from kinematic old it’s only like two degrees here this is the the winter weather I can deal with this is no issue at all. But of course with Vancouver mean on the waterfront the minute we get like two streets forward the chill does come in. But it’s still bearable you guys just steaming with excitement right now it’s not a visit to Vancouver unless you come to the famous steam clock. So first stop on the entire itinerary see what Darren gasps ow. So very much doing all the tourist things here in Vancouver in a day. So if you guys are interested in coming to Vancouver which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world I mean just look at this view that were walking past now like you got Stanley Park which we need to actually show you guys with you got these mountains, and then this is Canada Place a little tourist thing goodbye over Canada here they have a Christmas edition.

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So you go in Santa’s sleigh, and they’ll fly you around okay even though that was a super touristy thing I loved it. Because it like inspires you to go see more of Canada I forgot how beautiful Canada is it was so cool. But amazing thing is we met one of you guys who actually work here Peter who works here like yeah, and he was kind enough to print the photo out for us thanks for you know. So nice to meet you hopefully we’ll see you at the meetup on Friday. But oh oh. So nice yeah that’s so cute , and all righty visiting another favorite of ours Granville Island we took the little ferry across, and I forgot how cute, and small they are, I’m starving guys I need some food, and we know this place is going to deliver the goods you guys never been here they’re like little stalls kind of like the Fremantle markets if you live in Perth, and then it’s all just to confuse stores, and you can serve whatever you want it’s huge there’s like this massive warehouse we can’t like quite a cute little sparkle punch we decided to go from Vietnamese which I don’t think we’ve had in a very long time you guys could like suit you guys love Asian free don’t you solution trying to be healthy we say low velocity diet diet diet, and then you eat like a big magnet Hey Hey everybody, and welcome back to Vancouver we’ve taken josh, and asked our favorite spot couple on o bridge by the way guys you have to check out their blog which, I’ll link below.

Because, and we interesting to see like the different perspectives of the day yeah like I don’t know if you’ve ever watched like when like a couple of rs hang out it’s kind of cool to see like the two different days to see how someone like posts a different day, and hopefully fingers crossed they enjoy our favorites what to what is this little guy yes that you saw keep it on the bridge look behind you not a lot of the bridge for a few I think the thing I love about Vancouver is that even though this is like a tardy tourist thing look at the natural beauty like tourist traps are just amazing yeah. So got this little cute cabin here in the woods, and they do hike is hot chocolate, and I think we’re gonna pick something up that’s so much fun when you actually cross a couple on a bridge there’s like like some fairy lights across some other bridges that’s kind of what you get your good photos here Capilano there’s a few activities, and come to the third one which is the coolie walk I think Jessa’s always just as favorite, and they put this island side they click the ad, and he have some like some different views also if you wanna get some views of the actual bridge over there, and get some good shots. But I think it’s fly pretty value to money you get like three different like activities you can check out here. Because if you could do some abseiling from that, I’m actually interested leave a comment below how many of you guys have actually seen our Vancouver posts to see if this is a new post for you always kind of like I always seen this. But now you have a drone. So just look cooler than before. So Josh, and Asha actually from Washington State which is a state we want to kind of explore a lot more of is it’s like it kind of borders Canada.

So it’s very similar to this for these massive pine trees to the system like really cool accommodations in Washington’s day which you want to check out. So I think we would come back to the u.s. I think we need to do a road trip, and just see a lot more of it yeah honestly Washington State yeah which looks I think if you’re from Washington State you can probably agree with us that this kind of looks very similar to it we have been there we’ll be saying Seattle, and Mount Rainier who haven’t really explored inland yeah which we need to do guys welcome to the next stop on a little vancouver for your Oh grouse mountain now this is the third time we’ve seen it, and each time has been unique. Because the first home was so foggy we couldn’t see anything second time was a nice clear day, and now it’s snow this is cool by the way if you come during Christmas time they have reindeers up here I wish they were still here I don’t know probably just walking on the ice we don’t care we need to get to Santa’s reindeer this is literally a winter wonderland they set up even a little North Pole sign here this is what we came for oh my goodness hey guys it’s our first time seen reindeer must want to give you a carrot thank you oh this is so nice, and toasty in here measure this was just what your house look like really do get a nice for your Vancouver mat yeah okay.

So beaver tails are there, and there’s a ski lift just here we don’t have skis on, and we need to kind of cross this yep that’s me if I skied just as a getting some help there I see someone’s gonna slip, I’m just waiting to see what are you doing Josh we come to the conclusion that the placement of the beaver tails is making it an exclusive for skiers only it’s not bad oh my goodness I nearly went it’s your first beavertail give that a try unless you’ve had a beaver tail is that right sissy a maple one that’s a shame they for the first try. So you just fried the bread yeah deep fried up.

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