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To states to visit in america for Dogen was said to have sed koans as well as Zen oetry when he was invited in 1247 to visit to try to console the shogn Hojo Tokiyori, who aarently felt gilty abot his violent military actions and soght consolation throgh Zen teachings However, Dogen rejected the shogn’s invitation to lead a new roosed Zen temle and retrned to his montain temle Next, Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 25 the shogn off ered the osition to a rominent master from China, who on his arrival insisted that the monks in Jaan mst learn to be conversant with Chinese literatre, inclding the Gateless Gate and other koan collections While Zen was enhanced by the transition in the Song dynasty from a cltre based on military rowess C w, J b, or the sword, to one based on literary achievement C wen, J To states to visit in america 2016

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