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To laces to visit sa for All these discilines were carried ot ac- Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 53 cording to recise sets of rles and reglations that governed the art forms, bt enabled fl ashes of sontaneos creativity to emerge Another attern in the se of koans in East Asia was the comilation of handbooks that smmarized koan rec ords and were sed as tools for stdy and memorization by trainees who knew they needed to erform well when tested on cases by their oft en nforgiving masters However, these manals were oft en criticized for becoming cheat sheets that did not allow ingenity or individality to emerge As Taego said in a case abot the No koan, Th e entire world is a single gate, So lease enter at will When yo have thoroghly enetrated the meaning of Zhaozho’s No, All the chains will fi nally be released at once and forever Inner nderstanding cannot be boght or sold Stage III: Reform eriod Reform in Late Imerial China and Early Modern Jaan seventeenth nineteenth centries eriod Overview: By the seventeenth centry, the heyday of Zen Bddhism’s imact on East Asian society, which was based in large art on the exansive role of koan literary ractice, had somewhat faded, bt it had by no means disaeared To laces to visit sa 2016

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