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To holiday destinations for Th is was a false distinction from the standoint of the historical record, bt it is misleadingly eretated today in some circles and, nfortnately, lies at the root of many sectarian ste reo tyes and biases In the eigh teenth centry, Hakin became the most rominent Jaa nese Rinzai master of all time He rifi ed koan ractice of any trace of alternative rital elements, esecially the nembts Th e life story of Hakin, who is known for inventing the case of the sond of one hand claing, is articlarly comelling for the ways in which he at fi rst strggled with solving cases for a rolonged eriod in his own ractice and then, once enlightened, taght mainly by evoking koan rec ords Hakin went throgh the entire cycle of Zen illness, with its manifold hysical and mental side eff ects, and he also benefi ted from its cre that was gained throgh sdden enlightenment by 56 contemlating for a rolonged eriod the No koan of Zhaozho’s dog Hakin later categorized and ranked in diffi clty a system of abot 250 dialoges Th is or ga ni za tion of case rec ords remains in se with varios modifi cations in major Rinzai training temles, sch as the Daitokji and Myoshinji temles in Kyoto To holiday destinations 2016

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