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To family vacations for Exerting an imact that extended well beyond its small nmber of followers becase of the restige of its Chinese backgrond, the Obak sect was a roonent of integrating koans with nembts Th is combined ractice at fi rst caght on qickly While lacing less emhasis on literary training, Obak introdced other featres of Zen ractice that were common in China, esecially a more colorfl and elaborate style for ceremonies and festivities, which were otherwise being carried ot in rather astere fashion by Jaa nese monks III3 Edo Jaa nese Reforms in Rinzai and Soto Schools eighteenth nineteenth centries Dring the Edo eriod, the shogn, who referred Confcian hilosohy based on loyalty to athority, demanded that all Bddhist schools defi ne their main form of ractice so that there wold be no overla or redndancy between rival factions In that context, Rinzai Zen became associated with koan ractice, whereas Soto Zen was linked to zazen ractice To family vacations 2016

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