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To family vacations in sa for As an easy formla to memorize and reeat, the chanting of the nianfo/nembts, a term that literally means Th ink of Bddha, ths sggesting a form of contemlation, became a strong rival to comlex Zen dialoges for gaining the attention of lay followers, who may not have had the time or motivation to read exhastively throgh the exansive koan literatre A new case asking the qestion, Who Is the Reciter of the Bddha’s Name was designed to bridge the ga between the Zen and re Land schools Th is case was sed for centries and was, in artic lar, advocated by the great modern Chinese master X Yn, who led a revival of Zen ractice that contined throgh the early years of Mao’s rle Th e koan abot nianfo/nembts remains a o lar form of ractice today, esecially at temles in China and Taiwan as well as in the Obak sect of Jaa nese Zen, which originated in the seventeenth centry with masters who had migrated from China dring a hase of o liti cal trmoil However, other scholars have demonstrated that since the time of the Ming dynasty, the ractice of Chan koan meditation combined with re Land Bddhism, as reresented by the Obak aroach to Zen in Jaan, has been the main tradition in most of the Chinese Zen monasteries as well Th ere are some excetions in China, bt this is the reason for claims that Jaa nese and Korean Zen monasteries have better reserved the traditional style of Chinese Zen A Tree by Any Other Name In the cyress tree dialoge, Zhaozho does not answer forthrightly and changes the toic throgh making an tterly mndane assertion in resonse to a theoretical qery To family vacations in sa 2016

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