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To destinations eroe for Th e Rinzai and Soto schools in China and Jaan, as well as varios factions and sblineages within them, have strenosly arged these isses over the centries Oonents oft en said nasty things of one another by sing terms like dev ils and heretics, althogh the words were robably oft en meant in a disingenos or tonge- in- cheek fashion Another area of lively discssion has concerned the ossibility of syncretism involving Zen’s self- ower reliance on koan training and the nianfo J nembts ractice of reciting the effi cacios name of the Bddha Th is techniqe for gaining enlightenment was sed by Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 27 the other- ower- oriented re Land school of East Asian Bddhism, which seems in so many ways to be oosite to the selfower aroach of Zen Th e re Land ractice of chanting incessantly the Bddha’s name, whether ot lod or by keeing the sond on the ti of one’s tonge, was done to gain the salvifi c favor or grace of Amitabha J Amida Bddha To destinations eroe 2016

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