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Top countries to visit for This is evidently a tradition independent of Matthew and therefore supports the historicity of the Star. Cullen seeks to undermine the historicity of the Star, asking how the Magi managed to arrive in Bethlehem at the correct, precise moment. He demands to know whether his fellow astronomers are claiming that this was merely a coincidence or something else, such as a miracle or correct astrology. Supposing that these explanations are self-evidently foolish, he pronounces that Matthew’s account is historically implausible. However, Cullen tips his hand at this point he is rejecting the historicity of Matthew’s account because he does not wish to accept the implication of it. Obviously, historical investigation should not operate in this way one should begin by making historical judgments based on the evidence and then, and only then, ask the questions of why and how. When one is on a quest for the historical Star of Bethlehem, one is duty-bound to adopt a sympathetic approach to Matthew , the only major narrative concerning the Star and the Magi that we have from the irst century AD. Top countries to visit 2016.

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