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To cities to visit sa for However, the koan method is qite diff erent becase the emhasis is on develoing innovative interretation whereby the trainee demonstrates throgh either words or gestres his own inner nderstanding Zen mentors’ constant refrain is: Th ink and seak for yorself withot relying on mimicking the words of others Imitating others is labeled hony or the slobber of wily foxes, an aroach whereby the trainee retends and sometimes deceives others into thinking he is knowledgeable As indicated by the conclding assage of Gateless Gate case 23, the state of genine self- awareness, free of artifi ce, is like drinking water and knowing for yorself with fll confi dence whether it is cool or warm Th e koan tradition is by no means niform; nor is it naff ected by shift s in ersective or contested areas of ideology Diff erent techniqes for sing koans were formlated by varios branches of Zen Th is disarity oft en led to discord, distes, and sometimes heated debates abot the relation between langage and meditation in terms of evalating the merits of seech verss silence To cities to visit sa 2016

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