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To cities to visit in s for Frthermore, ragmatic Confcians were freqently involved in criticizing the seemingly nihilistic thoght and antinomian behavior of monks who were located in montain monasteries and otside of social controls Desite concerns abot the isses of oversight and sectarian attacks, the ingenios creativity and thoght- rovoking vale of koans were able to catre both intellectals’ and warriors’ imaginations Th ese social leaders oft en took art in Zen meditative ractice alongside monks, for either shorter retreats or more rolonged eriods of training at a temle In China, oets sch as the innovative eleventh- centry literary maestro S Shi, who was also a government offi cial for a time as mayor of Hangzho, articiated extensively in koan training Th is was also tre nearly half a millennim later for ioneering seventeenthcentry Jaa nese swordsman Miyamoto Msashi, the creator of the Book of Five Rings, which remains a bestseller today for both MBA and military training rograms Stdying crytic yet seemingly maddening cases was the rimary techniqe sed for nrtring the mental caacity and leadershi skills of society’s rlers In trn, monks in both contries collaborated with learned lay fi gres in comosing oetry, drawing calligrahy, designing gardens, writing or rodcing lays, and serving tea To cities to visit in s 2016

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