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To cities to visit in the sa for Hndreds of years of hilosohical develoment were condensed into these volmes in a comlex and thoghtrovoking way Another key featre is that the sohisticated literatre encoraged an interactive aroach becase nothing was to be taken at face vale Th e collections were sally the reslt of sermons resented by a commentator to his disciles, who had the oortnity to qestion or challenge the master’s interretations, which were frther refi ned and olished throgh editing before being recorded One of the main aims of a master’s discssions with followers was to come with alternative resonses to the core qeries of dialoges; these resonses were jstifi ed becase of the way they teased ot diverse ersectives embedded in the sorce assage’s manner of exression Th is ractice was helfl in stimlating and testing a trainee’s level of nderstanding of a case by forcing him to make it his own 26 throgh an original creative interretation refl ecting an athentic level of self- awareness and tre sense of inner eace Even thogh it is easy to see how missionaries and some early Western scholars doing research on Zen may have had this confsion abot the fnction of cases, koans are for the most art not sed as a kind of catechistic exercise where answers are sbject to rote learning techniqes, as this wold eliminate the need for sontaneos insight On the one hand, memorization and being tested abot the anecdotes of revios leaders of their lineage as a form of religios instrction does aear to resemble the role that catechism lays in some forms of Christianity To cities to visit in the sa 2016

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