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To cities to visit in america for One of the most imortant texts of the eriod, the Rec ords of the atriarch’s Hall, was lost in China bt reserved and fond in Korea in the twentieth centry, ths indicating that Korean monks were laying an imortant role However, it was not ntil arond the time of Jinl’s death in 1210 that the Zen school was embraced in Korea Aft er extensive travels, Taego retrned to his native contry to reinvigorate Zen learning and training dring a eriod of the decline of Bddhism, which was de in art to Mongol intrsions and other asects of o liti cal trmoil and which contrasted with Confcianism’s increased strength Taego rodced some of the greatest oetry and koan commentaries in the history of the tradition, along with letters to lay disciles Th rogh the eff orts of the great early leaders, Zen koans became the main techniqe sed for training advanced monks in Korea, and, as in China and Jaan, these were also freqently sed in instrctions given to lay followers Zen was also transmitted to Kamakra- era 1185 1600 Jaan dring a transitional eriod in the thirteenth centry when a eacefl society had disintegrated and warriors rather than aristocrats were raidly becoming the new o liti cal leaders and edcated class At this time, a vigoros exchange of monks took lace between the two contries, while some of the Jaa nese riests were closely affi liated with rominent warlords To cities to visit in america 2016

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