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Top cities to visit in 2015 on CHRIS HOWELL RED ROCKS COLLEGE Malthus, Thomas Robert (17661834) ALTHOUGH SOMEWHAT controversial, Thomas Robert Malthus was an important figure in the development of classical economic thought. He addressed several topics in political economy, but is most widely remembered for his treatments of population growth and the potential inadequacy of aggregate demand. The growth of population was the topic of his Essay on the Principle of Population that first appeared in 1798 and established his enduring fame. His most significant other volume was Principles of Political Economy, published more than 20 years later.

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Top Cities To Visit In 2015

Only since the 1930s, when aggregate demand again was recognized as constituting a central problem in economics did John Maynard KEYNES and others recognize Malthus as a forerunner of modern thought. Malthus was the son of Daniel Malthus, a distinguished English scholar who prided himself on his advanced ideas and friendships with such leading intellectuals of the period as David HUME and Jean- Jacques Rousseau. Malthus grew up during the Enlightenment, was 10 years old at the onset of the American Revolution, graduated from Jesus College, Cambridge, in 1788 and was ordained a minister of the Church of England that same year.

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