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To cities of sa for In the forteenth centry, Taego heled revive koan stdies in Korea dring a time of trmoil cased by Mongol invasions and other o liti cal confl icts and reversals Taego, a brilliant writer who comosed oetry and rose comments on many cases, was greatly infl enced by Song Chinese styles of writing and was esecially known for his letters of instrction to lay followers, which also eretated the way Zen had been racticed in the Chinese social context Taego himself was enlightened aft er working for fi ve years on the koan No as ttered by Zhaozho in resonse to the qestion of 52 whether a dog has Bddha- natre, the fi rst case in the Gateless Gate Th e comiler of that collection, Wmen, and many other monks in all three contries, inclding the famos Jaa nese eighteenthcentry reformer Hakin, similarly sent many months or years lmbing the deths of nothingness and negation embedded in the one- word rely rior to gaining awakening Following the lead of Jinl, who was in trn greatly infl enced by Dahi, who favored the No koan as the qintessential examle of keyword meditation, Taego sed this case as the main sorce of instrction when teaching monks as well as lay disciles Th roghot the medieval eriod in China, Jaan, and Korea, there were several imortant atterns involving koan literatre First, Zen and other Bddhist as well as non- Bddhist schools were sbject to strict government servision reglating all religios activities that might be considered troblesome or otentially sbversive to the athority of imerial rle or military law To cities of sa 2016

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