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Top cities of usa for In the fourteenth century, Taego helped revive koan studies in Korea during a time of turmoil caused by Mongol invasions and other po liti cal confl icts and reversals. Taego, a brilliant writer who composed poetry and prose comments on many cases, was greatly infl uenced by Song Chinese styles of writing and was especially known for his letters of instruction to lay followers, which also perpetuated the way Zen had been practiced in the Chinese social context. Taego himself was enlightened aft er working for fi ve years on the koan No as uttered by Zhaozhou in response to the question of 52 whether a dog has Buddha- nature, the fi rst case in the Gateless Gate. Th e compiler of that collection, Wumen, and many other monks in all three countries, including the famous Japa nese eighteenthcentury reformer Hakuin, similarly spent many months or years plumbing the depths of nothingness and negation embedded in the one- word reply prior to gaining awakening. Following the lead of Jinul, who was in turn greatly infl uenced by Dahui, who favored the No koan as the quintessential example of keyword meditation, Taego used this case as the main source of instruction when teaching monks as well as lay disciples. Th roughout the medieval period in China, Japan, and Korea, there were several important patterns involving koan literature. First, Zen and other Buddhist as well as non- Buddhist schools were subject to strict government supervision regulating all religious activities that might be considered troublesome or potentially subversive to the authority of imperial rule or military law. Top cities of usa 2016.

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