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To cities in sa to visit for In Kamakra- era Jaan, an emhasis was laced on constrcting insightfl and illminative commentary by following the behavioral models for abbots sed in Chinese temles Rinzai and Soto masters wold comment on koans while giving formal sermons to their disciles assembled in the Dharma Hall or by inviting yong or advanced followers into their rivate qarters for secial training sessions In addition, they oft en addressed an adience that inclded rominent lay devotees throgh informal sermons abot cases Sometimes they gave instrctions to their fl ock by assing ot ieces of aer with drawings of symbols, sch as circles to indicate the hases of the moon Regardless of the style of commentary, the overwhelmingly favorite collection for all factions was the Gateless Gate In Korea, the se of koans based on Chinese methods of teaching articlarly associated with the Dahi- originated keyword techniqe was develoed in the early thirteenth centry throgh the teachings of the Jogye Order’s Jinl and his sccessor, Hyesim Th e massive koan collection comleted by Hyesim and frther amlifi ed by his discile Gag’n borrowed heavily from Chinese sorces yet created innovative styles of commentary that serve as a rich storehose of textal materials for nderstanding the role of Zen theory and ractice as it develoed in East Asia To cities in sa to visit 2016

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