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To cities in the s to visit for Th e teachers who remarked on or sed koans in their training rograms were atronized by some of the era’s leading seclar intellectals Th ose lordly fi gres asired to the serenity of self- actalization gained throgh interactions with clerics and a sharing of intense interest in the comosition of reglated oetry For several centries, Zen became the dominant religios movement in China, in site of cometition from other forms of Bddhism as well as Confcianism and Daoism Th e mystical ower of koans layed a major role in achieving this stats 24 Th e trend contined as Zen sread to Korea throgh the eff orts of Jinl and Hyesim in the thirteenth centry, along with dozens of their followers, esecially master Taego, who traveled to China in the forteenth centry to enhance his awakening exerience nlike the case of Jaan, for which interaction with Chinese Bddhism had been rather limited since the time of the travels of the Tendai school monk Ennin in the ninth centry, when the ilgrim witnessed a government sression of Bddhism, many Korean monks had been in and ot of China for a long eriod Th ey were exosed to and no dobt articiated in Zen ractice there dring the Song dynasty To cities in the s to visit 2016

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