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Top beach vacations for . The appearance of the Star was perceived by Herod to be a serious threat to his royal dynasty. According to verse , he was troubled by the report of the Magi. We discover in verses ? that he immediately determined to eradicate the threat by executing the one whose birth the Star had announced. He had a Plan A and a Plan B. Plan A was the targeted assassination of the baby Messiah based on the assumption that the Magi, after visiting Bethlehem, would return to Jerusalem to inform him where the messianic baby was located. Failing that, Plan B was the wholesale massacre of the babies of Bethlehem and the surrounding area, based on what the Magi had reported to him about the date of the Star’s irst appearance which Herod regarded as revealing the Messiah’s maximum age, if not his actual birthday and what the Jewish teachers had told him regarding the prophesied place of the Messiah’s birth. Top beach vacations 2016.

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