TOP 5 TRAVEL PLACES Italy Australia Kilimanjaro Giraffes

TOP 5 TRAVEL PLACES Italy Australia Kilimanjaro Giraffes

Hi this is Joelle and her shoes Aguila welcome and in today’s post. I would like to share with you my absolute favorite moment of. I don’t know if you’ve seen my post that went viral and, I had like three and a half million views but there were my favorite moments of there and it’s all hard to choose. Because I visited over countries including Belize Guatemala and Mexico US Canada the Bahamas Australia Kenya Tanzania then there the lens easily. I mean yeah quite a few countries and they’re all very different and, I hate to have like my favorite favorite country. I really enjoyed hiking in Canada. I enjoyed the Bahamas because it was my first time on a cruise ship with my mom for her birthday that. I like. I founded this trip for her. So that’s what’s really really nice. I enjoyed Christmas and Poland because it’s my first Christmas with my family and a year.

So it was. Because I always travel or go somewhere And So I had a lot of good moments but that would not be fair. Because I could be here for entire day telling you all my favorite moments. I said to limit myself to five and right now. I’ll share with you my top best favorite moments of and, I highly recommend them to you. So you can use them as a guide to where you can go in perhaps. So my number we’ll start from the bottom. So number five was Venice Italy I’ve already been to Venice Italy before a like years ago. I know, I’m showing my age as a teenager and, I didn’t like killing the trees there were. So many people was kind of like smelly and dirty and, I was like oh it was nice but it was like it’s a like it was. I wasn’t blowing away but this time surprisingly like. I really appreciated the lack of cars and like the water and, I said my New Year’s Eves there’s beautiful and that’s on the first. I woke up of like in the morning after like two hours of sleep and then we went for a walk and then. I select the most amazing sunrise over the water and Venice and it was like really nice despite the people and despite the fact there were no trees. I kind of fell in love with Venice and reading liked it number four winter in Poland, I spent Christmas in Warsaw and as much as. I loved Warsaw. I don’t like staying in cities.

TOP 5 TRAVEL PLACES Italy Australia Kilimanjaro Giraffes Photo Gallery

So much especially in winter cuz it’s just cold and there’s nothing to do but we went to the south of Poland to zakopane which is one of my favorite places in the world and definitely talked to favorite places in Poland right after my parents house or my grandma’s kitchen and they were. I was just like it was. So much smaller what’s going on these hikes. I never wanted to go with me. So I would just go by myself. I was like in that waist-deep snow like one time. I went with a like a guy that she was teaching me how to do high-altitude climbing. I was preparing for a mountain it’s not gonna work out this year but next year. So we’re training and and this snow loyalist. I just felt like like a commando and it was like just. So beautiful and like the way to winter it’s basically go to Poland and oh absolutely loved it. So that’s, I’m number four number three was my trip to Australia and, I was gonna say Australian road trip this was my first time in a camper van and after my first day in a camper van would you see. I was like oh my god. I can’t believe this is the first time, I’m doing it because it’s just such a like me thinking like an Aggie thing to do. Because I love sailing and campervan it’s basically like the same idea where you like take your bedroom and your kitchen everywhere you go and you show up at this place and you watch like the sunrise over like the Pacific Ocean from your car that’s like from your bed in your car and it’s ever-changing and it was. So cool.

I really had this you know. I would go on a beach somewhere in Australia and like went skinny-dipping cuz there was no one around it’s just out of my car and, I would just get changed at the car. I was like it felt. So free And So like gypsy it was like awesome and that was from between Brisbane and Kansa was like from basically on the east coast of Australia going all the way up pretty much and there. I went diving the coral reef and that was really cool too. So I always wanted to see the Great Barrier Reef and diving there. I did my advanced scuba diving horse there. I was like diving at night with sharks the going super deep down to like meters hundred feet down it’s part of the training too which I’ve never been this deep before and we were diving four times a day it was like four or five. I don’t remember but it was like literally who died for like minutes get changed like dry out and we were living on the boats and sleeping on a boat that was docked on top of coral reef like miles offshore from Australia. So it was like really just living out over the ocean was like very surreal experience really really liked it too definitely highlight number two my second most favourite experience of was climbing Kilimanjaro. So I’ve been planning to climb Kilimanjaro forever and, I finally managed to do it in it was very hard and that’s the reason why it’s not number one. Because I wrote an entire book about it that’s available on Amazon it’s called killing me softly which.

I think gives away how it felt to go up there it was worth it it was very very hard and you basically feel like dying and, I had it my cornea ripped off right now it’s the reason why. I have very little makeup is. Because I had an eye surgery last week and it’s still very very screwed up after Kilimanjaro unfortunately but it was something. I think everyone should do and, I highly reading my book cuz that’s where. I include all my information about camera down and my favorite experience of was and this is kind of cheating because it’s like three experiences in one and that would be Safari on Serengeti which was then safari in Kenya that included hanging out like living in a hotel surrounded by elephants and elephants would come up to us and they were like wild that like elephants that we had to like hide in our tans and it’s just like no one with the hotel actually got closed down right now but we’re like the only people at that hotel and it was just like. So surreal. So perfect were but this river and like could here he posed at night and like in this pant. I like this it was like like yeah it was. So So So cool like definitely a highlight and then three days later.

I was feeding giraffes in Nairobi which was crazy because there’s a sanctuary of giraffes that um there are being rescued from poachers and then they bring them to the sanctuary they hang out with humans but they’re still kind of wild they’re trained for food of course because they’re animals. So they will always come for food if you have any food on your plate or they actually ate my oatmeal and yeah that was like. I love animals. So that part of like reading Lions in a safari and then having elephants like right come up right to my and then feeding in giraffe this whole like experiences Africa and like hanging out with animals the way it’s supposed to be words like, I’m afraid, I’m respecting their space baby okay, I’m respecting their space and they are there in their environment, I’m just a visitor. I feel like. I hate zoos because it’s basically putting someone in a case. I can watch them. I think it’s really bad and to be able to see them and they’re real environmentalism cool funny highlights all right cool. I hope. I convinced you to do at least one on these five things that. I did last year let me know below if you can have any recommendations for me for maybe there was something in that you didn’t really really like and now you think. I should do it this year. I would love to hear your recommendations thanks. So much for reading make sure you’ve subscribed to my blog let your friends know or if not uh see me on Instagram or Facebook my handles at travel underscore in her shoes thanks. So much for reading bye.

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