Top of the mornin to ya huh Hey everyone we have cut we came over to surprise Cleo. Because we looked, and find my friends, and we saw she was home, and when we got here she was gone. So she must be want to work anyway that was a failed attempt to surprise her that we were harmed, and we have to now go to pick up Stevens mum from her work.


Because she has an eye appointment, and then I think. Because we’ll be in Leederville will go like check out the area hello hello alrighty we just dropped Lindy off at the eye doctors, and we have found a cafe that we’re gonna go walk to. Because there’s a double appointment mm, and back-to-back, and she’s had to get like stuffing her eye to dilated or something. So we have to wait for all that what’s a place called Felix, and coffee home or something this is a walkable distance we’re gonna go for a little stroll guys my body is so confused now we had hot China cold Perth hot Northern Territory cold Perth, I’m not gonna be surprised if one of us gets sick this week from the climate change yeah cheers Bobbi, I’m pretty impressed if you guys ever in Subiaco come check out felix, and code it’s the smoothest coffee I’ve had. So long in. So long it’s like I recommend it I love finding cool little hipster cafes to go to how beautiful these autumn colors going on at the moment even though it’s is it winter hmm we’ve come home Stephens mom was taking a long time, and we wanted someone.

So quickly come over some lunch, and answer question question Q&A day oh yeah by the way it’s cute by the way Jun thank you, and I in a day usually Wednesday. But ah well I’ve decided it’s today hmm, and I’ve asked on snappy if anyone has a question, I’m gonna choose one okay before we have lunch I just made us pumpkin soup yeah all righty oh no oh wait wait don’t what you canceled it is this a big shot sorry okay hey guys I love your blog I love reading you guys are such an inspiration, and I can’t wait to be able to travel the way you do one. So a random question. But if you guys could choose any fictional character to have lunch with who would it be oh this bitch you mean they’re not real oh my god fictional character, and have lunch with, and why a good look you got out of snapchat yo look you always seen a snapchat actually no I’ve got it who thinks he’s known as a roofie oh. Because remember how good the food look the imaginary food in hook that they ate Rufio Rufio that’s the leader oh, and they made that like how good imaginary food Oh lunch will the Lost Boys in The Hulk movie yes bangarang, and will I eat at each other with the food that’d be cool and. But Wow top RT let me know it wasn’t very deep, I’m sorry. But but I did look amazing it’s more about the food than the character I decided to leave Jess at home.

So she didn’t have to come into the city again to come pick up Martin. So it’s just me, and yeah maybe, I’ll go out for another coffee with mom, I’m really addicted I’ve got to stop this -, I’ll see you later I seriously think the only time I enjoy seeing clouds in the sky is when there’s like an epic sunset going on, and there was a really light the place up just came home to Joy playing The Sims on the big screen yeah, I’m playing Sims look guys this is where the child please oh no wow she’s done child nice paintings I don’t even know you could do that yo Jake just whose gravy playing the chips, I’m not happy about that look at his beard he’s growing in he wants to get a thicker lush a beard. So his growing up 3 things to do Cannizzaro Oh easy ok firstly number one thing to do is go do a road trip through the Canadian Rockies man it is amazing number two you need to go to Tim or, I’m glad she said I was like know what you can say like the Rockies just beats Timmy’s it’s time it’s time to be reunited with Timmy’s anyway you need to go to Tim Hortons get a coffee it’s gonna be the worst coffee of your life at the best coffee of your life. Because it costs one dollar one dollar per coffee anyway the third thing that I recommended just at the top my head it was pretty cool what we did was you get a kayak, and you go kayaking through different islands from an area called desolation sound NBC NBC it is amazing really it is cold outside which reminds me of England which reminds me of my cousin which reminds me of crumpets, and tea no judging though we didn’t have any honey. So we’ve resorted to peanut butter which is still a good option last snapchat of the day you will just have to wait, and see. But thanks so much for all your questions guys we will do the Q&A back on a Wednesday next week we just kind of felt like it today. So leave your questions below or send them on snapchat or um yeah send it to us.

But thanks so much for reading guys and, I’m gonna relax chill put something on, and go to bed. But thanks so much for reading, and we will see you tomorrow night guys.

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